Rescuing roadkill, sick, abandoned animals is a hard task that is also part of our work. It saddens us to see how many animals remain without help for several days until some person with compassion knows the situation and rescues them. If you are one of these people, then you are also part of this project!

Unfortunately some animals are already in advanced or very debilitated illnesses and after being rescued they do not resist. Some other sim can recover. Meet some exciting stories of animals rescued by members of the Cãogatuno project. And if you are interested in adopting any of these animals, be sure to contact us!

Rescue of had

This dog has been rescued extremely debilitated. He received first aid and was sent to a temporary home. He’s recovered and he’s healthy and waiting for adoption.



This sweet doggy was seriously crippled and was rescued with the collaboration of a voluntary caregiver. He was diagnosed with heartworm (heart worm), was adopted, was in treatment and is now fully recovered.


July Rescue

July lived on the streets of our Mrs O but was rescued, castrated and is now in treatment at the clinic snouts of the square due to a problem in the skin. She will remain in a temporary home until full recovery and will then be available for adoption.


SPIKE Rescue

Without being able to move his hind legs, Spike was assisted by Dr. Helium and diagnosed with the popular “Parrot Beak”. After the treatment, Spike walks normally and expects adoption.


New rescue

Brandy brought in the body and in the look the marks of the abandonment. Full of ticks and worms, was rescued, taken to the veterinarian and sheltered in temporary nursing home. She’s been adopted.


Rescue of Cannada and their cubs

This mother and her cubs were rescued and were in temporary nursing home. From one month to life, each cub was given up for adoption. But mom’s still waiting for a home.


Warrior Rescue

Look what abandonment is capable of! Rescued extremely debilitated, Warrior went through consultation and exams, was in treatment and is now recovered and waiting for adoption.


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