What can I donate?

You can donate many things to support the Cãogatuno project helping the animals. In addition to rations (to feed the large amount of street animals that are under our care) and money (for spending with veterinarians, buying medicines, etc.), if you have leftover your pet's medications, donate them to us. If you have a collar that you don't need anymore, we need it!

1. Food: Dry rations, treats, sachets and so on.

2. Hygienic products and utensils: hygienic sand, hygienic boxes for cats, spades, etc.

3. Medicines and dressing materials: liquid and tablet remedies, gases, plasters, post-surgical clothing for bitches and cats, etc

4. Accessories: Collars, muzzles, toys for dogs and cats, etc.

5. Money: Through bank transfer or through Paypal secure payment method.

Don't miss the opportunity to help the street animals. They need a lot and we need you to make them get all the help!