If you are willing to help, but still do not know how, there are several ways hoe to support the CãoGatuno project:

Donating food-donations can also be made in the form of rations for dogs and cats, being accepted only sealed factory packages in order to avoid possible contamination of the food.

Donating money-donations can be made through bank account, monthly donations of values from BRL 10.00 collected personally or punctual donations at the collection posts. These donations are reversed for the treatment of sick animals, castration, to preserve the health of the animals, food, deworming and vaccination.

Donating medications-if you have remedies that you no longer use, within the expiration date, you can donate them to the project. The medicines are catalogued and used in the treatment of the street animals from the prescription of the veterinary doctor.

Being a voluntary caregiver-if you live, work or study in a place where there is one or more abandoned and hungry street animals, can help by feeding these animals and administering vermifuge and anti fleas/ticks according to the veterinarian's advice on the doses and the Frequency. The resources are taken from the donations.

By offering a temporary home-you can give a place in your home where an animal in treatment can stay until it recovers. If the person cannot also commit to the care and administration of the medicines, a voluntary caregiver will be responsible. With this the animal automatically enters our list for adoption. If not adopted, return to the place where he was found, now healthy, castrated and with a volunteer caregiver to do the follow-up.

Sponsoring an animal-the godparents work for those who want to help an animal specifically, costing wholly or partially the treatment and the follow-up, but as they cannot have it at home, they only contribute financially, helping the person who will be indulging the Temporary home.

Adopting an animal-all healthy animals are available for adoption. Stakeholders can view these animals through the Facebook page or on this site in the session wants to adopt.

Being a volunteer of the project CãoGatuno-and so you can help in different events, such as adoption fairs, efforts of castration, realization of bazaars, educational campaigns, etc., according to the necessity and according to its availability.

Being a partner company-if you have a company or trade and want to support this cause, please contact us and know the advantages. We partner with veterinary clinics, pet shops or any interested company.

That's a lot of ways to help. The important thing is to do it. Your help will make a huge difference in the lives of many animals.