Castration is the only sustainable solution to reduce abandonment. A lot of stray animals we rescued have been castrated. The CãoGatuno project facilitates access to castrations of private pets at reasonable prices. One of our volunteers can collect the animal and take it to one of the partner clinics with prior scheduling. Below you can

Charitable Bazaars

The CãoGatuno project periodically performs charitable bazaars to raise funds with the sale of the products and thus be able to continue making it possible to help the abandoned animals. The bazaars are held in Our Lady of the Ó or Porto de Galinhas.

If you want to contribute to the donation of new or used products to the bazaars, just contact us. Articles of any kind and in good condition, such as clothes, footwear, decorative objects, etc. will be welcome.


Rescuing roadkill, sick, abandoned animals is a hard task that is also part of our work. It saddens us to see how many animals remain without help for several days until some person with compassion knows the situation and rescues them. If you are one of these people, then you are also part of this project!

Unfortunately some animals are already in advanced or very debilitated illnesses and after being rescued they do not resist. Some other sim can recover. Meet some exciting stories of animals rescued by members of the Cãogatuno project. And if you are interested in adopting any of these animals, be sure to contact us!

Responsible adoptions

A responsible sweetener is one in which the new tutor shall ensure the utmost for the life and well-being of his new companion.

Here are some stories with happy endings! Some of the animals rescued by the Cãogatuno project have achieved a family that takes care of them with love and responsibility. Be You also part of a story like that! Adopt A Friend!