The CãoGatuno project was born in August 2015. It was an initiative of some people resident in Nossa senhora do Ó, a small neighborhood of the municipality of Ipojuca in Pernambuco, in the Northeast of Brazil. Seeing the deplorable situation of many street animals in this municipality, these people gathered together, joined forces and resources, thus beginning to help the abandoned animals of this community.

The project's actions are:

  1. Low cost mass castration programs
  2. Provisional gathering and treatment of needy animals
  3. Arranging adoptions
  4. Creation of awareness of responsible ownership
  5. Grocery of street animals

The CãoGatuno project currently has no headquarters or a single physical place as a pet shelter. Many animals are removed from the streets and assisted by volunteers and project protectors in their homes. Sick or rugged animals, moms with their puppies or puppies found alone. After they have been requalified, we seek out adopters. The number of these assisted animals is high and never stops growing, as the amount of rescues is always greater than the number of adoptions. At the moment there are about 26 dogs/puppies and 67 cats/kittens in these temporary homes. And many remain for a long time, which assumes a significant expense.

The project also maintains 4 feeding stations for street animals. The spending on rations, treatments, worming, vaccination and castration are high. We do not receive government economic help and this project survives only with donations, in addition to the contributions of the members themselves (volunteers, protectors, etc.).

We would like to be able to meet all the cases of Nossa senhora do Ó and vicinity that come to our knowledge, but unfortunately we still lack many material, financial and human resources. This is why we need your help to move forward and to help more animals every day. Be a volunteer or protector, make a donation or adopt a furry friend. Make a difference in creating a better world!